B&B Unboxing a Success Story

Manufacturing quality Corrugated Boxes (Cartons) is not only our passion, it is our mission too. With over 25 years of experience in this field, the Corrugated Boxes(Cartons) we make here at B&B reflect all our core values and vision. We are sticklers for perfection and we make sure that every product we deliver is uniquely crafted to the customers desired needs.

B&B Triplewall Containers Ltd

We at B&B are committed to the environment and adhere to the best practises of the industry at an international level. Our directors who each have decades of experience in the packaging industry mentor our staff and workers to establish strong processes and ensure that the experience our customers gain is unparalleled.

We are the only company in India to have an installed capacity of 5000tonnes/month, within a single facility, and a combined installed capacity of 7000 tonnes/month from both our facilities. With a combined built up area of 2,60,000 sq.ft. we take pride in our quality and infrastructure. Our claim for perfection is reflected in the various labs, extensive technology, an excellent work force and a state-of the art facility that we have installed.

But what we really want to convey is that at B&B, our greatest asset is a passionate team as we are more than just a mere group of corrugated box (carton) supplier.

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